August 2, 2012

Pretty Watercolor Paper Art

I have been really inspired by all the geometric shapes I have seen lately.  They can be found in everything from jewelry to pillows, clothes and furniture.  So with this in mind, I have been trying to find something to fill a long wall in our upstairs hallway (leading from the stairs to our bedrooms) and thought experimenting with this geometric trend might be a fun project.

I started by watercoloring brush strokes on regular white computer paper.  I varied my paint strokes from dry brushing (little or no water - lots of paint) and saturating (lots of water - little paint).

Then I simply cut out lots of shapes.  I mixed up straight edges and round curves so there would be a lot to choose from once I was ready to start playing with them.

Once I had enough I simply started gluing them on a white foam core board with Layla's glue stick.  I found that trying to lay it out first then glue was time consuming and stressful - very hard to keep those pieces from moving around.  Also just doing it as you go feels a lot more natural and I think it turned out much better when I didn't over think it!

I finished up by taking a yellow marker and coloring in the edges of the foam core for a more polished framed look.

Below is how it looks after I hung them in our hallway:

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