August 2, 2012

Found Friday - Summer in a Box

I always love seeing what Melanie of You Are My Fave comes up with for this series on her blog.  While I was painting and redecorating our guest bathroom (more on that next week) I noticed some of the items I had on the counter would make a pretty good "Summer in a Box" so I took a photo and decided to share it today. 

Vintage Brass Stencils left over from this project.

Seersucker flamingo bow from Janie and Jack - a 1st birthday gift for Layla.

A few pretty rocks from the beach in Scott's hometown.

A pink and yellow beaded bracelet I made a loooong time ago.

A big plaster starfish from Pottery Barn - a wedding gift from the lovely Jenny.

A buggie bubble wand from our outside stash.

And some strawberry flavored Rosebud Salve lip balm from Anthropologie.

Happy August All!

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