January 20, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Friday - Guest Post - Banana Nilla Wafers

Challenging myself to actually complete a project/recipe/design I've pinned on Pinterest has been so gratifying and fun for me to do and share with all of you. So I was super excited when my sweet friend Jenny emailed me photos of this kid-friendly snack she made for her two boys titled "My Pinterest Challenge of the Week"!!

Here's what she had to say:

If Layla likes peanut butter you have to make these.  Take two mini Nilla Wafers and place a slice of banana in between them, coat the outer edge with peanut butter and then roll in rainbow sprinkles.  They are bite sized and yummy!

Looking forward to making these easy snacks for my little peanut butter lover!

After getting Jenny's email I thought...wouldn't it be fun to share other people's completed "Pinterest Challenge" photos?!  So if you have photos of anything you've pinned and completed yourself and want to share them with the whole world (well with all the lovely people that read this blog) then please click here and email me.  Be sure to include some great photos, the link to the original pin and a little bit about why you decided to tackled it.

My hope is to feature a guest post on Pinterest Challenge Friday at least once a month.

Before wrapping this post up, I need to mention that Jenny just reopened her shop The Owl Tree on Etsy.  Her designs are whimsical/adorable/if you don't buy some soon there won't be any left because I'll have scooped them all up myself:)

Seriously though, her work is amazing!

Two Little Birds.

Fly...Fly Away.

You & Me.
 Have a great weekend!! Pin It

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