October 17, 2011

Decorating with a Bleach Pen

Hello! Hope you had a great weekend!  We got a whole lot accomplished around the house - Layla's big girl room is almost complete and I cannot wait to share the before and after photos with you!

So, I'm the kind of person that prefers to make gifts for special occasions whenever I can.  I think those gifts have more meaning since I put my little heart into creating it especially for the lucky recipient. 

My good friend Jenny and I have know each other since kindergarten and she is one of those people that totally gets me and is probably more like me than any other person on the planet.  We follow each other on Etsy and Pinterest and it's kinda scary just how exactly a like our tastes really are!  As I mentioned here, Jenny had her third child (first girl!) last month so I wanted to send her a box of handmade goodies that I thought she and her baby girl Georgia would love.

Along with the yarn letter, a few fabric flowers, artwork made by my Layla I also included this super cute onesie that I decorated with a bleach pen!

Here's how I did it.

What you will need:
*Bleach pen
*Onesie (any color!) 
*Small artist canvas

1. First pull the onesie taut over the canvas.  You could also use wax paper or some other material that will keep the bleach from seeping through to the other side.  I like using a canvas for onesies because it gives you a hard flat surface and is the perfect size.

2. Shake the bleach pen and using the fine tip point start drawing whatever you like!  I like making smaller designs that arent' too overwhelming or take up too much space since the onesie is small and the area you will be able to see is just at the middle.  Letters, animals would be super cute!

3. Once you are finished drawing your design (try to finish it all within a few minutes because you don't want the bleach to sit too much longer on one section than another) watch as fabric turns white. 

4. When you design looks like it has bleached out enough run cold water over it for a minute or two in the sink being careful not to rub the bleach - doing this may cause the bleach to soak into other areas.

5. Toss it in the washer and wash as you normally would.  As long as all the bleach has been rinsed away you can put it in with colors and it will not bleach your other clothes.

6. Next a little time in the dryer and here's the cuteness that comes out!

I am now on the hunt for other things to use the bleach pen on!
This idea would work great on tees or canvas totes. Pin It


Kala said...

What a cool idea, can't wait to try it on a few things:):)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a fun idea! I've seen this technique used in scrapbooking too :)

Kanelstrand said...

So creative! I didn't even know there was something like a bleaching pen! I might have to invent a replacement but i can't wait to try the idea out!

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