July 26, 2012

All Hands on Deck!

Since moving into our house our backyard - namely our deck - remained untouched and pretty uninviting.  This all changed about two weeks ago when I was (finally) sick of looking outside at the ugly wasted space that my family could be enjoying.  And, always on a self-imposed budget, I decided to see what I could with what we had and buy only what was needed to make a BIG impact.  I made a moodboard for some much needed inspiration and then started the makeover process!


Corner #1: This picnic table (the same reddish/brown color as the deck) was here when we moved in.  Not my first choice in deck dining but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on another table until I was sure we weren't going to refinish the deck - maybe next summer?  This was one of those "use what you have" moments.

Corner #2:  Occupied by a distressed wrought iron bistro set I bought at Pier 1 seven years ago. I loved the Shabby Chicness of it then, but now, not so much.  The color (patina green) is soft and pretty but kinda boring too.  Oh and notice the Magnolia tree in the background?  That's about to change in the next couple of pix!


I knew I wanted pops of yellow against the dark wood of the deck so I picked the rug and the spray paint with this in mind.  Not everything from this moodboard made it to the finished product (pallet sectional - nope) but I think the initial inspiration came through loud and clear.


Don't you love it!? I used four cans of Rustoleum's Slate Blue spray paint on the picnic table.  Before I started I wasn't sure how it would look but figured it couldn't get much worse!  The blue and yellow look so pretty against the dark wood of the deck and the boldness of the yellow zig zag rugs brighten everything up! Oh and I have to give a "shout out" to Scott for finally drilling the hole in the table for the umbrella - after weeks of nagging him.

I gave the bistro set a happy coat of yellow spray paint too. Just need to get some fun patterned cushions on those chairs.  I also bought the girls a water table so we could have some refreshing fun on those super hot days!

I bought the mirror in the corner at ReStore a few months ago and haven't had a place to put it...until now.  After deciding the deck still needed something it got a spray paint makeover too and now lives on the deck...love how it's kind of unexpected and brings a little bit of the inside outside.

Layla's birdhouse - clear-coated and waterproof!

I bought all the plants at Lowes.  The two big ones, flanking the bistro, are ferns mixed with tropicals.  I really like how full they and that they flow over the side of the planters - which I also got at Lowes on clearence.  I found the stone bunny under our deck after we moved in.  He was all dirty and gray so he got cleaned up and spray painted white.  The girls love him!

The tin star from Michaels (purchased a million years ago) was just sitting in our garage all red and not fitting in anywhere.  Yup, more yellow spray paint!

Our idea of deck shoes!

 Now we go outside to eat dinner, blow bubbles, enjoy the fresh air, the birds chirping and watch the two little guys below (who must only be a few days old) come and snack on our lawn. 
Happiness for sure.

The breakdown and sources:
Picnic Table: owned ($0)
(7) Cans Rustoleums slate blue, yellow and white spray paint ($27.93 @ $3.99/each)
(2) 5'x7' Yellow Zig Zag Rugs ($178 @ $89/each)*
9' Natural Wood Umbrella ($52.99)
Concrete Umbrella Base ($29.99)
Vintage Mirror from ReStore: ($15)
Assorted Plants and Planters from Lowes: ($46)
Striped Planters - on table- from Michaels: ($3.98 @ $1.99/each)
Bistro Set: owned ($0)
Paper Lanterns - left over from Hadley's bday party: owned ($0)
Water Table - comes with cutest umbrella!-: ($59.99 with coupon code)

TOTAL SPENT: $413.93

*just a side note about the rugs. they aren't outdoor rugs but buying two 5'x7' rugs that I loved was less expensive and made more sense than buying something I wasn't excited about just because it was made to be outside.  so far they have made it through five straight days of rain without issue.  and although you aren't necessarily supposed to machine wash these i have done it before with a bit of shrinkage being the only negative side effect. Pin It


Kerry said...

Looks great!!! I love the color choices!

Dalton said...

I love the idea of lanterns under the umbrella. I would never have thought of that, but it looks awesome- and I agree with Kerry, great color choices!

bkuhlen said...

What a great use of color! So inviting!

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