September 21, 2012

Found Friday - Fun Elephant Fabric

Happy Friday!
I have mentioned before that I love to buy fabric.  Often it is for my little Etsy shop, but many times it is just because I can't resist the fun prints.  So I thought that when I found something special, I would share the fabric and show my finished project.
Today's two prints are from Bungle Jungle~

 Oodles in Red

 Elephants in Grey

As soon as I saw these two red and grey elephant prints, I pictured a dress for Layla!
I found a pdf pattern that I purchased from The Lilybird Studio, and I was ready!

Here is my finished product~

And here is the dress on my precious little model (and granddaughter)!!

Where to purchase the fabric:

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Bloomerie Fabrics said...

Gorgeous dress (and model, of course)! We'd love to pin it!

Isobel Morrell said...

I too love fabrics - and Christmas came early for me this week with gifts of fabrics and leather from hither and yon. You can read about it on my latest blog at It wasn't just fabrics though, but leather as well - and I love that too!

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