October 10, 2012

A Pin Cushion for Noni

Last week Layla, Hadley and I spent a few days visiting my parents in New Jersey.  While we were there my Mom (Layla and Hadley's Noni) mentioned that she needed a pincushion after Layla removed one of the pins she had stuck into the fabric of her ironing board.  So this week I thought I would try making one for her.  A pretty easy 20 minute project that turned out so cute!

I used a yellow tin pail (left over from our wedding favors!), some pillow filler, a piece of scrap fabric and a elastic hair tie.

I waded up the filler and wrapped it in the fabric, then wrapped the hair tie around the end and snipped off the excess fabric.
I also balled up some tissue and put it in the bottom of the pail - but I didn't need it.

I pushed the whole ball into the pail until only the top "bubble" was showing.
The pail looked a little plain so I added a button flower that I made with two buttons and a piece of green yarn.

She didn't know I was doing this so hope you like it Mom!
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