October 2, 2012

DIY Hanging Light Fixture

Hello!  Hopefully you had a chance to peruse the never ending lengthy garage makeover post from last week.  One of my little DIY projects was creating two ceiling light fixtures.  Since I was not loving the bare bulb mounted to the ceiling look I decided to make something that would look cool, be safe and functional.  Oh and not cost a lot of money. 

I started with (9) gray fabric tape measures I that I found in the dollar section of AC Moore, (2) 10" blue plastic embroidery hoops from Micheals and my trusty hot glue gun.

The supplies - total cost: $16 for two light fixtures.

I cut all the tape measures into 10" sections and laid them out in the pattern I wanted - reversing front to back - every other one. 

I tried not to keep them in order...I liked them better randomly placed.
Then I put a dot of hot glue on the top inside of the tape measure and pressed it into the inner groove of the outer hoop.  I did this so that once I was finished I could add the inner hoop and wouldn't be able to see any of the inside glued spots.

Now, I had planned to have the fixture hang the way it is pictured above but ended up not liking the way the tape pieces "draped" over the the hoop.  So I simply flipped it so that they hung straight down instead.


I just used two tacking nails to attached these to the ceiling and that was it!  See other versions here and here. Pin It

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