October 7, 2012

Easy Halloween Decorations

It's starting to feel a little bit like Fall around here, so last week Layla and I were feeling festive and made some Halloween decorations for the house.

 First some glittery black spider webs!
All you need is a hot glue gun, some black glitter and parchment paper.  An Exacto knife helps too!

Freehand (or draw and then glue) a spider web shape onto the parchment paper with the hot glue gun.

Sprinkle lots of glitter on the web before the glue hardens. 

I made big full webs and one for the corner of our kitchen built ins.
Carefully remove them - they peel off pretty easily - I used the Exacto knife to get underneath them.

I  hung the webs up with a bit of scotch tape.

Layla and I also made brown bag pumpkins.  Simply color the bottom half of a brown lunch bag orange and the top green.
Fill the bottom with balled up newspaper or tissue and twist closed! Pumpkins!!

And we made little jack-o-lanterns with left over orange polka dot cupcake liners, a Sharpie and a piece of green washi tape!

Now we're even more excited for Halloween!!

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