October 16, 2012

Toy to Trinket Makeover - Part I

After another day of picking up toys, I realized that a bunch of the girls' storage bins were filled with toys that they never play with for the simple reason that they have out grown them.  I love downsizing the number of unused items around our house but I saw some potential in the two toys (a wooden teether and a plastic teether/toy) below.  
Today I'm going to post about the first toy to trinket makeover - using the plastic object.
Nice shapes...lots of possibilities!
I thought the outer-spacey feel of this toy might be a good little object to add to our bedroom dresser. So I bought some metallic gold spray paint and got to work.

After two light (mostly even) coats I got the look I was after. 

Love how it adds some (more) quirkiness to our bedroom dresser...
I'll post the second toy to trinket makeover with the wooden teether on Thursday!

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1 comment:

Isobel Morrell said...

Like the idea of rejuvenating the trinkets this way - but thought you were into down-sizing and clearing out? Seems to me you're finding another way to keep things!

The thought is there, anyhow - isn't it?

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