October 15, 2012

From Coffee Table to Bedroom Bench

Happy Monday!
After we painted and rearranged the furniture in our guest bedroom, I realized that I had a wall that needed an extra piece of furniture.  I remembered a coffee table that was stored in our basement.  With a little painting and some foam and fabric (and my husband's help), I now have a great new accent piece.

Since the table had been stained (and varnished before), two coats of spray paint were needed.  I didn't worry about the top since it would be covered.

I used foam left over from my window seat cover.  To make it easy, my husband and I turned the table upside down on top of the foam for a perfect measure.

The fabric was a little tricky since I had picked stripes (needed them to be straight).  So again the table was flipped.  I didn't cut any of the extra fabric yet.

While I gently pulled one side (again I didn't want crooked stripes and I didn't want my foam to flatten), my husband stapled.  We worked on one long side first and then the other. 

It took us a little time to decide how best to finish the corners.  At this point I did cut off the excess fabric from the long sides.  My solution was to fold the corners into the side and then to fold the side fabric down.  Sounds confusing, but I hope the next photos will help.

Now I was able to trim the fabric from the ends.

Love the way it turned out!

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1 comment:

Isobel Morrell said...

That's a great way to recycle an old favourite! Certainly did turn out well! Hope the guests appreciate the tasteful addition to "their" room!

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