October 17, 2012

Toy to Trinket (Necklaces) - Part II

As I promised earlier this week,  I am following up my first toy to trinket post with a second (and final) toy to trinket post - this time featuring the multi-colored wooden teether.

Below is what the teether looked like once I cut the elastic band that was connecting the pieces.

For my first necklace, I started with the wooden beads.  I picked up two pretty Martha Stewart paints (Wolf Grey and Geranium) and I used the blue paint (Pool) left over from this project.

I knew I only wanted to paint half of the bead so I used a small piece of washi tape to create a line down the middle.

And then I simply painted the uncovered area until I could no longer see the wood underneath.  Oh and tip - keep a open (unbent) paperclip handy while doing this...I used this to keep the hole from getting filled up with excess paint.

For my necklaces I bought a 100" metal chain from JoAnn Fabrics for $2.99.  This is the kind you cut to your desired length and then just add a closing clasp.  I used brown and white baker's twine from my craft stash for Layla's necklace.

Here's my painted bead necklace! 

For my second necklace I used the two of the noodle-like wood pieces and spray painted them with the same gold I used in this post and added the metal chain.


For Layla's necklace we kept the pieces the way they were and just threaded the baker's twine through.

Not too bad for an old toy - right?!
So happy with how all these little projects turned out.  Now I'll have to keep an eye out for any other toys with potential! Pin It

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