November 2, 2012

Pinterest Challenge - Freezer Paper Transfer

Happy Friday!  I hope that everyone is slowly and safely recovering from Hurricane Sandy!  My thanks to Kendra for this week's posts while I was getting my life back to normal!

I have been wanting to attempt transfers using freezer paper for a while now ~ can't tell you how long ago I purchased the freezer paper!  There are so many varied ideas on Pinterest, so I read through many of them, and gave it a try.  I did learn a lot ~ first, don't expect dark transfers (even using bold font). Second, be sure your paper is firmly attached before you iron (any movement will smear the transfer).

I have admired "phrases" added to pillows, so that was what I was going for.  Here is my final result:

What I did:
I created my phrase using various fonts and sizes in Word.  My template is available at the end of this post.
I cut a section of the freezer paper 8 1/2" x 11"

and ran it though the printer.  ** Be sure to change your printer options to " iron on transfers" as you will want the print to appear backwards. 

the freezer paper is thin!

design as it comes out of the printer

The print is wet and the freezer paper is thin, so I was very careful when I moved it from the printer.

I ironed the paper transfer on "wool setting" (no steam) for about a minute and then carefully peeled off the paper.

even using a bold font, it will not be super dark

Since I was making a pillow, I felt more color was needed, so I added store bought maxi piping.

Although it probably would look better on a table runner or napkins, it was definitely a fun project!


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