January 25, 2013

Pinterest Challenge Friday - Branch Painting

Before Christmas, on one of those unseasonably warm days, Scott, the girls and I spent some time out front trying to get rid of all the dead branches, twigs and leaves that remained after digging out the two bushes near the porch.  While throwing the branches into a pile I saw one that looked sculptural (to me at least) and decided to try something I had seen pinned a few times - painting it!

The supplies: tree branch, paint and painter's tape.

After taping different width strips of tape around the branch I started painting.

After letting the paint dry for a few minutes I carefully removed the painter's tape.

Looks pretty on the hutch in our dining room!

Happy Friday!!

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1 comment:

Eyelah said...

That is a really cool idea. How do you find the right branch to use?

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