March 19, 2013

Easy Shelf Makeover + An Organized Closet

Hello there!  My little Hadley has the smallest bedroom and with that comes a pretty teeny closet.   When I started hanging her clothes - shirts and pants - I realized that they were getting pretty crammed together in there and that there was a lot of wasted space from the floor up. 

After my sister moved she left us with a bunch of random furniture that she either couldn't fit or didn't want anymore and the shelf below fell into the latter category.  At first, I wasn't sure we could use it either but after another day of struggling with what to do with Hadley's closet it clicked - unwanted shelving = extra storage = better organization = happy Mama!

The shelf was perfect except that it was a little plain.  Initially, I planned to paint it but then I remembered I had a roll of pretty wrapping paper (from the dollar section at Target) that I had been wanting to use. 
I covered the top and then just lined the back and all the shelves with one continuous piece.
So here is the BEFORE

and the AFTER


Now I keep all her pants folded on the shelves.  Shirts are hung up on the right and dresses and skirts on the left.  I also now have a spot for her shoes on top of the shelf.  I just turned a "diaper caddy" on its side and the little shelves are the perfect size for holding shoes that don't fit her yet.
Have a lovely day!
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