May 9, 2013

Making a List Was on My List - So I Made One!

Mornings...I am not a morning person in any way, shape or form but since having kids I have become more "cheery" at 7am than I used to be.  I am especially not a person of the morning when it looks like this outside:

Rainy, dark and all around gross.

Scott does the majority of the grocery shopping for our family - I am a terrible meal planner and even worse in the grocery store.  If I went shopping I'd come home with a few of the staples (milk and fruit) and then a bunch of hummus, wasabi peas and Greek yogurt - good for me but not for everyone.

So when I noticed this on the counter (once I was fully awake and one coffee deep) I decided it was time to make a list that could be added too throughout the week and not sit on the counter until Saturday - one of my organizational pet peeves.

The beginning of what will soon become an epic shopping list!

By now it's almost 8am and I decided that it would be the perfect time to get out the old chalkboard paint and make the inside of our pantry door into an easy to use (and not see) shopping list.

Pantry door before.

Paint leftover from the garage makeover and an cheap paintbrush.

After taping off the middle section of the door to create a frame around the list I added three coats of the chalkboard paint - letting it dry for about 20 minutes in between each coat.

By 9:30am the tape was ready to come off and the sun was out!  After removing the tape and doing a quickly priming the painted section by rubbing a piece of chalk all over it then wiping it away my morning project was complete!

I attached one of Scott's old matchbox trucks (one that opens in the back) to the door with a 3M strip to hold extra pieces of chalk. 

Happy Thursday!
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