May 10, 2013

Happy (Almost) Mother's Day!

We were lucky enough to have both my Mom (the girls' Noni) and Scott's Mom (Grandma) here last weekend for Hadley's birthday party.  So Layla and Hadley got to give them the Mother's Day gifts they made while we were all together.  Since the girls love doing art projects I decided to buy an unfinished wood box (Micheals $6.99) that they could decorate and fill.  They are always giving Noni and Grandma their artwork so I thought this would a great place for them to keep some of those special things.

The Supplies: dot paint pens - both girls love using these!
Once the boxes where completed covered with yummy swirls of color we started filling them with a few things the girls picked out or made.
Below is Noni's box: lots of Instagram photos, (2) big photo magnets, little scoops that we thought would help Noni with baking - I added a strip of washi tape to each one,  a scribbly hedgehog by Hadley and a constellation created especially for Noni by Layla - I had Layla give me a description of the constellation so the back says "when I feel sad and cry I look at it and feel happy".  There a few more art projects, some labels for the goodies Noni makes and some peanut erasers that Layla picked out because my Mom calls her peanut: )

Love the card - Good Moms Let You Lick The Beaters! So True!
Noni was very excited to open the box and the girls were even more excited to show her everything inside it!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful Mamas out there!!
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