June 12, 2013

Fun Finds - Fashionable Insects

Insects ~ such a part of everyday life in the summer.  With the exception of mosquitoes, ticks, and the ones who find it necessary to feast in my flower beds, I find many "bugs" a comforting part of the warm weather.  As long as they remain in their own inhabitant (outside of my home), I love watching an ant carrying an item that probably weighs twice its size, a bee finding the nectar and pollen in the a flower, or a spider creating an intricate web.  And, of course, the night sky lit up by fireflies.  Now with the advent of the 17-year cicada, summer is about to get a little noisy!

To celebrate the "Time of the Insect," I have found some fashionable ways they have been used.

Anthropologie's grasshopper plate

a black butterfly cuff bracelet

a set of bone and white insect snack dishes

Michael Miller's fun "Bugs in Jars" fabric


a beautifully detailed papercut butterfly handcut

Have a Happy and Bug-Filled Wednesday!  ♥

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