July 22, 2013

Dot Dot Dot (Part 1)

Hi there and happy Tuesday!  Today will be the first of two "dot" posts - so stay tuned for the second one coming up later this week.  So, once we got back from our semi-relaxing vacation I looked around the house and decided it needed a little brightening, a smidgen of color and some parts just needed to look a bit more polished. 

First, I focused my attention on the dining room.  The table has been home to various items under or in the glass light fixtures I picked up at ReStore a few months ago.  When I was doing a closet clean out I found cream-colored runner that I hadn't used since moving here.  It was on the plain side but I thought with some gold paint stamped in a playful shape it could look pretty and chic.

So I pulled out my trusty metallic gold craft paint by Martha Stewart and cut a regular old kitchen sponge into a kind of circular shape - I actually think that not having it be perfectly round made the runner look more modern.

I just randomly stamped the gold paint covered sponge onto the runner until it looked finished.

I didn't iron it because I was being lazy: ) and I liked the rumpled look of it under all the glass.  Ironing it on the opposite side of the paint will help set the paint though so I will probably do this - at some point!

Have a great day all!

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