February 5, 2013

Keeping it Under Glass

Hello! I love decorating with unexpected objects and one of my favorite "go to" tricks when I need to add a little something to a tabletop or shelf is to cover it with glass - a glass dome that is.  I have done it here and here.  But after seeing the photo below - on (my designer crush) Emily Henderson's site - I started to think of all the other unique items that would look amazing and fun under an glass dome.

A gold sculpture and dollhouse furniture!! Image via.

The glass I used in our living room was a cheese set I found at a yard sale and the one in our bedroom was a leftover "fish bowl" flower vase from our wedding.  Since I wanted to several this time around I needed to find some different shapes/sizes and was so excited to see all (literally hundreds) of glass domes used for the lights on chandeliers or scones on a recent trip to ReStore.  They ranged in price from $.50 - $3 so I bought of few of various sizes and started playing around with objects to go under them.

I used little vases with billy buttons and thistle under two of the domes.  A Styrofoam swam (a Target Xmas ornament) that I think is just so pretty. A few rocks from the beach in Scott's hometown and the stopped from a decanter.

I'm sure these will change as I find/discover new things to use but for now I'm loving my little collection!

Happy Tuesday!
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