February 6, 2013

A Dress Up Corner for Layla

Happy Thursday All!  Today I'm sharing one of those little projects I have been trying to get on for months now and  finally got around to completing last week. 
Layla's room is one of my favorites to be in.  It's sweet and cheery and open and I'm just in love with it.  There was, however, and little corner that needed some TLC - the one next to her dresser.  When I first put the room together I just filled it with lots and lots of pillows that my Mom had made for her and that was fine - in the beginning.  Then I started making cardboard box houses/castles for her to hide out in - but those never lasted long.  Two girls playing together equals lots of collapsing:) 
So after meeting with Layla's preschool teacher, during a parent/teach conference in the Fall, and heard how much Layla utilized the dress up "center" in the classroom I decided that making something similar would be a perfect use for this little space. 
So here's a glimpse the corner BEFORE:


I had everything I needed - which wasn't much - a few white 3M hooks, full length mirror, tutus (gifts and handmade), a super hero cape (left over from Halloween), ballet shoes and my old purses. The only thing I purchased was a cute polka dot suitcase from Homegoods ($7.99)  that I thought would make for some adorable storage and it's also been good for all those short trips Layla has been taking to New York!


Another view BEFORE:


I've also added a lot more more the art wall!

Pretty, bright and well-used!!


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