February 7, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ok, so maybe this doesn't qualify as a garden but it is the longest I've kept this many plants alive. At once. Ever!  And keeping with this week's fresh theme it seemed fitting to share these little lovelies at the close of the week because I am proud of them and myself! Lame but true.

Assorted plant life - two from here (two sadly did not make it) others from Lowes winter sale ($.75/each) and the aloe is from Ikea.

Hello inside of the Piperlime cardboard box my leather boots came in.  For some reason I think it looks pretty under there...

Hadley wanted some attention during my plant photoshoot.  She'll keep saying, "Mommy" until I snap a pic of her.

The rosemary bush was a holiday gift and has been used a lot in my cooking since then.  But it doesn't look like it will make it that much longer - so I thought the fabric heart might help perk it up a bit.

Have a lovely weekend!
I've got wallpapering on my mind - more on that soon - fingers crossed!

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