October 23, 2012

DIY Tin Can Planters

I love a good easy, inexpensive DIY project - especially one that turns out so pretty!


Tin cans (various sizes - tomato paste, soup, pumpkin)
White Glue
Wrapping Paper ( I found my Orla Kiely-inspired paper in the Target dollar section)
Fabric Measuring Tapes (in yellow, teal and salmon)
Plants (I used succulents and spicy basil)

First, I measured the circumference of the tin cans and cut strips of the measuring tape to that length. 

For the wrapping paper I simply wrapped it around the can and marked the height and width with a pencil and cut it out.  Then I applied a thin layer of glue all over the can and applied the wrapping paper - pushing out any air bubbles that popped up.  I repeated the same step for the measuring tape by applying them one at a time - adding a bit more glue to the back of the tape, as needed.

Once I was finished I let them dry in the sun.

After they dried I took a small nail and hammered holes into the bottom of each to allow for drainage.

I brought the plants that had been on our deck inside and begin separating them into the cans.

I added all my new planters to a small shelf that I repurposed into a window box.  And now they sit happily in our kitchen's bay window.

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