August 19, 2013

H&M Home Fun

Hi All! So sorry again been a bit crazy around here lately and trying desperately to catch up, edit photos and write about all the new projects (ongoing and completed) that I have been working on but I just haven't managed my time well.  School start in two weeks and I'm trying to squeeze in as much end of summer fun with the girls as I can. 

Anyway, you may have already hear that H&M recently started selling their apparel online but what you may not know is that they also have a home line available through their website as well.  I took a look at the line last week and picked up a few things for Hadley's future "big girl" room - she hasn't even attempted to climb out her crib yet but I'm just itching to start redoing her room: )  I'll share the inspiration board I created for it soon.  It's been fun to collect things for it over the last few months in anticipation of the big day she is ready for it!
cute bunny pillow.

adorable pink bow hooks!


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