January 28, 2014

Easy Table Runner

"Cabin Fever" ~ this frigid weather has really curtailed outdoor activity!  I keep looking for projects to do inside the house.  When I happened to see this modern geometric fabric, I thought it would make a great new table runner for my kitchen.

Table runners are a great way to add color, but they can be expensive.  The perfect option is to do it yourself.

My finished project~

Supplies needed:
1 1/2 yards of two fabrics ~ one for the top and one for the lining
Sewing machine

Initially I was planning to use matching brown fabric for my lining, but I thought it might show through.  As a result, I change to white.

I needed to add 1/2" to both the width and the length.  My table is 70" long, and I wanted a few inches of table showing at each end.  I cut my two fabrics 62 1/2" x 17 1/2"  ~ allowing for 1/4" seams.

I pinned the fabrics right sides together.

Using white thread, I sewed a 1/4" seam around all the edges, leaving about a 3" opening on one of the short ends.

I trimmed the corners and turned the fabric right side out.  Using a chopstick, I pushed out the seams and ironed carefully.  I wanted all of my seams to line up as perfectly as possible.


I changed my top thread to brown (but left white in the bobbin).  I top stitched a 1/4 from all the edges (carefully folding in the seam allowance on the section that was left open).

Press again, and  ~ my new table runner! ♥

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