February 21, 2014

Paint Like Jackson Pollock

On Fridays we try to write about a DIY project from Pinterest that we have attempted to complete.  But today my post is actually a Facebook Challenge.

My friend and talented artist Nancy always seems to find fun photos or activities to share.  This one ~ http://manetas.com/Pollock/ had me hooked right away!


Jackson Pollock's art:

Jackson Pollock, an American painter, is known for his "drip" style art.  So even though I am definitely not an artist, I had fun trying to copy his style.

Go to http:manetas.com/Pollock
Press any key to get a different color
Press SPACE to erase
Press ALT and any key to change the color of the drip.  Numbers 1-0 also change the color.

Be creative, and have fun! 

Thank you, Nancy, for my newest obsession! ♥ 

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