March 14, 2014

Thursday Thirft Store Finds

Hi there!  Every Thursday I get a little "me" time while both girls are in school for a few hours.  And on most of those kid-free days I do all the things that are easier to do solo, like going to the grocery store, post office or doctor appointments.  But there are those certain rare Thursdays when I don't have a ton of laundry to do and no errands to run that I can take my time and hit up a few thrift stores and look for treasures.

Two weeks ago I went to both ReStore and Goodwill and found a few lovely things that I thought I'd share with you today!

I recently started collecting pretty, vintage plates and immediately fell in love with butterfly lovelies.  I also have been hoarding bunnies of all shapes and sizes for Hadley's big girl room and of course if I find a piece of milk glass for less than a dollar it's coming home with me!!  The polar bear piece was handmade and signed on the bottom and too odd/cool to pass up and for only $3.98 a good deal to boot!

But my favorite find of the day was this original painting.  I was really drawn to the colors and shapes.  Since it was signed (by someone I couldn't find any info about) it was a little more than I would normally spend ($15) but it looks great in our family room so it was worth it.
But before it was wall-ready I needed to wipe it down thoroughly - years worth of dust/dirt were really dulling the paint.  I also removed the frame which was damaged.

Once the canvas was clean and nail and frame free I covered the edges with black and white striped washi tape.

I love how it brightens up this corner - aren't the colors spot on!?!?

Here's to hoping there are more thrifting Thursday in my future!
Happy Friday!!
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