April 10, 2014

DIY Hanging Barrette Organizer

Hi!  Last month, we were invited to celebrate the first birthday of Bobby and Natalie's cutie pie, Juliet.  When I asked Natalie what to get her she mentioned barrettes.  So, armed with that info,  I jumped on Etsy and searched for little alligator clips that I thought would be perfect for her and her two sisters.   I found this shop and went kinda crazy - they have to most adorable little felt faces and animal barrettes - it was hard to just pick a few!!

Once the clips were purchased I knew they would need a place to live (so Natalie wouldn't go crazy keeping track of them)  so I made a simple hanging ribbon organizer to hold them.  Below is how I did it: )

The supplies:
+D Hook (hardware store or cut one of those ribbon belts!)
+Hot Glue Gun
+Wood Topper (I used a heart from Michaels)

 First I laid out the ribbon under the heart to see how long I wanted it to be. Once I determined the length I snipped the end of the ribbon on a slant.

Next I flipped over the heart and looped the ribbon through the D hook.  When I had the right amount of length I added a dot of hot glue to the inside of the ribbon and then attached the ribbon to the heart with another dot of hot glue.


All that was left to do was add a wooden 'J' to the heart (for the birthday girl) and clip on the lovely little barrettes!

Have a great Thursday!!
Kendra Pin It

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