January 7, 2014

Natalie's Faux Fireplace

Hi there!  I love when readers share photos of projects they have completed that were either inspired by something we have done on the blog or just an item we featured.  Well last weekend my gorgeous friend Natalie shared two photos of the mantle in her living room using fabric I included in this wishlist.

She bought the mantle in one of the shops we visited here (a few years back) painted it and attached it directly to a barren wall in the room.  I love the idea of creating the warm homey feeling that a fireplace evokes without the actual fire!

She simply measured the opening in the mantel and cut out a matching piece of cardboard and then covered and stapled the fabric over that.    

Natalie has great taste - maybe one of these days I'll convince her to share photos of her entire abode on here!
Happy Tuesday!
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