October 7, 2013

A Day of Vintage Exploring

Hello!  So this weekend I got an unexpected treat - 6 hours of treasure hunting (vintage, repurposed, etc.) with two of my favorite people, Natalie and her lovely Mom, Cheryl! 

Natalie invited me to take the 45 minute trip out to Frederick, MD and Leesburg, VA to check out a few old barns, houses and grounds filled with vintage furniture, crafts and all sorts of other odds and ends that was, for this bargain hunter, quite simply heaven!

The upstairs of Sweet Clover.

First, we headed to Sweet Clover, a 5,000 sq. ft. barn jam-packed with refreshed furnishings and curated vintage décor.


There, I picked up a pair of old porcelain doll legs - complete with little pink heels.

$6 for the pair - now just to figure out what to do with them - vase filler perhaps?

And this little rug that was happily embellished and in like-new condition will be going to go in Hadley's big girl room (someday!).

$15 for this beauty!

Next, we made a quick stop at On a Whim, a fabulous shop filled with fanciful vintage furniture and home décor.  This place was a little too pink and girly for my taste, but I sure did love the scallop detail painted on the stairs!

Aren't these adorable?!?

Across from On a Whim, was an converted house called, Humming Bird Nest.  Every nook and cranny of that store was filled with vintage knickknacks and furniture.  But I was drawn to what I saw outside. Lots of wicker and rattan furniture.  So when Cheryl showed me this mini wicker chair I knew it would be coming home with me.

This cutie was a steal at $15 and will look adorable with a bright round cushion!

Lastly, we stopped at Old Lucketts Store, one of the area's most well-known antique shops and the birth place of "vintage hip".  It was huge, like multiple multi floor houses filled with décor and furniture HUGE!  Plus the grounds surrounding it were covered in all sorts of indoor and outdoor treasures.


Here I found this amazing ceramic glove mold from the 50's.

This huge hand was my most expensive find of the day at $20. 
Not sure where it will permanently, go but loving how it looks on the mantle for now!

I had a great time and because there was SO much to see and take in I kept forgetting to take photos!! But if you visit the shops' websites you can find out when they are open and see for yourself just how much stuff they have!


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