April 22, 2014

Easy & Inexpensive Photo Mattes

Hi there!  We are just getting over a looong weekend with Scott being home for a few days and family visiting.  It was great but went by too quickly! 

So for awhile now, I have been meaning to share this quick and easy trick I use to make photos a little more interesting - the title says "inexpensive" but really it's free...unless you buy the magazine....but still!

I don't know about you, but I get a million catalogs and magazines every month.  Normally, I end up looking through both quickly for design inspiration so they just end up in the recycling bin by the end of the day.  But a few years ago I started noticing how pretty some the pages in both catalogs and magazine ads or editorial shoots were framed or bordered.  And they were the perfect size for small or large picture frames.

This page from a Mini Boden catalog (which has the loveliest artwork) works perfectly with an Instagram photo!

And this cut down page from another Boden catalog makes the perfect border for this 4x6 photo!

Sometimes I use the pages without a frame at all! 
Here, I layered a small plain white matte over another Mini Boden catalog page. 

I use larger pages as backgrounds for Etsy item photoshoots too! 

Above, I  used a floral Dior ad to highlight these beautiful brass pulls currently for sale in my shop!

Have a great day!!
Kendra Pin It

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