April 17, 2014

So This Happened....

Hi!  So when we started this little blog three years ago I had some small goals for the posts and projects I shared.  I wanted to use Sweet Magnolia Way as platform to hopefully inspire other DIYers out there (the way I had been inspired by countless others) as well as get some feedback on my interior design work and crafts/projects.  Well, two days ago one of the biggest things (in my little world) happened when Joy Cho - a blogger/mom/designer that I respect immensely thought enough of my Dinosaur Garden Party for Layla to pin it and share it will all of her followers.  This may seem like a small thing to most but for me it was a mix validation and happiness that someone I look up to so much liked what I did.  It's right up there with the Design Mom tour and having Emily Henderson critique (and like) my nightstand!!  Anyway, this post isn't about tooting my own horn it's to share something great that recently happened to me because of the 1 or 100 people that take a little time out of thir day to read what we write here. So YAY! And thank you!  My day/week/month has been made: )

Kendra Pin It

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