May 16, 2014

Updating 1970's Crewel Art

Hi!!  You might remember from this post that my mom made (and continues to make) beautifully sewn art.  Well, last year after a visit, I decided to free another framed piece from its attic home and have it come live with us!  It just needed a little bit of color...

I choose a few bright embroidery threads from her stash and just started pulling the thread through and around the flower design with a needle.

And now it proudly hangs in our living room/kids library!  I like that it can easily be change - just a couple snips and it's back to its original beauty or I could start all over again with a different design or color scheme. 

Oh and a funny "side note" this season on Mad Men this exact piece is hanging in Peggy's apartment - below circled!!

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