February 19, 2013

Adding the Old with the New

It's no secret that I love me some vintage!  I think what I like best is that vintage pieces (whatever they are) have a history and most of the time are older than I am.  I love that love that vintage furniture, art and other trinkets we own have made our home more cozy and unique and happy.  There's just something about a chipped, weathered and worn vintage find that makes my heart soar!

I try to add one large(ish) vintage piece to every room in our house.  Hadley's room has a very pretty, chippy white side table, our bedroom has two vintage nightstands that were refreshed with a bit of spray paint and the kid's library/living room has a huge antique mirror.  And that's just for starters!

After posting about Layla's room last week I realized her room was missing that one aged piece - something with a lot of love and history behind it.  And then I remembered a beautiful crewel flower piece that my Mom made in the 70's and had professionally matted and framed - that's how proud she was of it - and with good reason.  Since I knew it was just collecting dust in my parent's attic I asked them bring it down on their most recent visit.

Gorgeous - right?  The colors go perfectly with Layla's room and I love the 3-D quality of it - the puffy white flowers are my favorite!

I actually had this hanging in the kitchen of my first apartment. Crazy that now my little Layla gets to enjoy it every day!

The photo below really shows just how well the colors in the art work with the curtain panels - also courtesy of my ever crafty Mama.

Have a wonderful day!!

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