February 17, 2013

An Instagram Display

Like everyone else in the free world (or my world) I am obsessed with Instagram.  After using the app for the last 4 months I finally fully boarded the Instagram train and had some cute little 4x4 photos printed out.

I had seen a lot of bloggers writing about their experience with the app Mpix but after doing a little research (aka being cheap) I found that the app PostalPix  charged less for shipping and had a 20% off coupon code.  So for about $4.50 I purchased 19 prints - odd number but that's how many favorites I had!

Do you recognize the frame they are hanging from?!  Yup, it's the same set up I used for our Advent calendar.  After the holidays, I took the frame down and the wall just looked empty and sad after having something so large up there for the last month so in came the Instagram solution.

Now I can switch these out or add more as I take more photos.
One of the photos hanging is not from my order though.  It is an actual Polaroid from the 1970's of my beautiful, fashionable Aunt Margie.  She is really my great aunt (my Mom's aunt) but we always called her Aunt Margie even though she was more like a grandmother to my brother, sister and I.  And more like a mother to my Mom. 
The above photo of her makes me smile every time I look at it and makes me remember her the way I hope I always do - energetic, full of life and wit.  She is almost 90 years old now and is suffering from dementia/Alzheimer's and doesn't remember or like much any more.  I miss her and I'm sad Layla and Hadley will never know her.  But seeing this photo of her from happier times next to my beautiful girls is a daily reminder for me to enjoy every moment I have with them.  
Kendra (kdamiecki on Instagram in case you're interested!)

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Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to make something like this - yours came out cute!

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