July 25, 2014

Found Friday - Make Your Own Cross Stitch Patterns

For those of you who like to cross stitch as much as I do (here, here, and here), I have found an incredible site that lets you take a photo and create it into a pattern.

I know that my granddaughter Hadley loves bunnies, and Kendra has incorporated them into her big girl room.
So I took a discontinued PB photo and saved it onto my desktop.

Then I went to www.myphotostitch.com.  From there it was easy.
I downloaded the picture, and entered some information:  the Aida count & cloth size, the number of colored threads, and pattern style. 
Photostitch did the rest!!

Here are two pages of my new pattern with floss suggestions.

Looks like I will be kept busy for awhile (:
Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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