February 9, 2015

You Can Call It A Comeback.

Hello! Is anybody out there?!  If you have checked in here at any point over the last few months you have seen that our little "break" turned into a five month no show.  I think both my mom and I were overwhelmed with other commitments  - her Etsy shop is crazy busy and with the start of school/activities and other momma stuff for me keeping up with the posts just didn't fit in anywhere.  We didn't want the posts we wrote or projects we shared to feel forced so we just stopped.  I don't even think it was a conscious decision on either side, we just let the days turn into weeks into months and that was that.  Sadly. 


We both worked really hard to keep chugging along after all these years and maybe a little regrouping was in order to come back and create content that is fun and fresh for you and us.  So in the coming days look for more posts from me with an appearance from my mom here and there.  I'm ready for comeback.  And I hope that's ok:)

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