March 10, 2015

Quick Change Couch

Hi and happy Tuesday! 

I have had a love/hate relationship with the couch in our front living room ever since we got it over three years ago.  On the plus side it's a pull out, so it's great when we have a full house.  It's big, cozy and comfy and the girls love to sit and read and play on it. 

The negative is it's brown.  Just dull and bland and I've been trying to make up for that ever since we got it!  I bought 6 yards of this lovely vintage fabric a few years ago and have used it in a variety of ways to creatively cover the couch. Hey it's better/cheaper than buying a whole new couch!

See below for my many transformations!

Naked couch

Upper covered couch

Entirely covered couch

Middle covered couch
The last photos is what the couch looks like right now.  I was getting tired of all the yellow and decided to change it up yet again.  Maybe I need new fabric!

Have a great day!

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