June 10, 2016

Summer Bucket List - End of the Year Craft

She is Back ...  at least for today's post!  With two busy little girls, Kendra has not had the time to write for our blog.  Hopefully, we will see a lot more of her creativity in the future!!

I'm one of the room parents for Layla's first grade class and for their end of the year party her teacher wanted a few summer-themed crafts for the kids to do.  I saw this Bucket List idea on Pinterest and decided to tweak it a bit to make it easier to print out and use.

All you'll need for this project is:
  • Colored Paper - I actually had the buckets and shovels printed at Staples since they had a huge variety of colors.  It also saved me from going out a buying a ream of paper when I only needed 50 sheets.
  • Scrapbook Paper - for the rim of the bucket.
  • Scissors - you will be cutting A LOT.  The shovels are especially fun: )
  • Ribbon - for the bucket handle. I used curling ribbon.
  • Stapler - to staple that ribbon on.
  • Printer - for printing out the bucket list, list!
  • Templates:  bucket, summer bucket list, shovels
Once you have all your templates printed and cut out you will staple one end of a small piece of ribbon to the top of the bucket.  Then "string on" the shovel by poking the ribbon through the hole at the end of the handle.  For this part make sure that the "good" side of the shovel is flipped over - the shovel template has a black line on it so you want the blank side of the shovel facing forward.  Then staple the other end of the ribbon onto the top of the bucket.

Scrapbook Paper Rims - cut same length as top of bucket.
Good Side and Bad Side of Shovel: )

This is the back of the bucket once the ribbon and shovel have been attached.

Once that part is together have the kids choose one of the scrapbook rims and lists.  These can then be glued on with a glue stick.  The rims should cover the staples.  Then they can have fun coloring and filling out the list.

Pretty simple and pretty cute!

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