June 9, 2016

Barbara's Creative Crab Basket Art

When I saw a photo of my special friend Barbara's latest artistic creation, I had to ask if I could feature it.  I was delighted when she agreed.

I love the way Barb takes items that others may discard and makes them into unique piece of arts, which she paints or glues on the bottom of crab basket bottoms that she has collected from the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

The first two photos depict the scenery along the Bay.

Barbara also collects sea glass.  On this basket she has used the varying shades of color to create a heart.

The last basket features colorful buoys, which would make a perfect addition to a beach house or cottage.

Barbara and her husband Jack, both of whom are now retired, spend much of their leisure time on their artwork and crafts.  Perhaps new careers are in in their future....

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