June 6, 2016

Summer Strawberry Dessert

Saturday mornings means a trip to the local Farmers' Market, and early June means a promise of fresh, juicy strawberries!

I wanted to make a easy dessert ~ but not just strawberry shortcake.  A look through the pantry, and I had an idea.  Store bought biscuits, instant pudding, whipped cream, and strawberries served in a margarita glass would be a combination of simple and fancy.

The biscuits were baked following the directions on the can.
The pudding was prepared and refrigerated.
I then washed, hulled, and quartered the strawberries.

Once I added a little sugar, I mashed the berries lightly.

Right before serving I separated the biscuit in half, and put the first half into my glass.   I topped it with a couple of spoonfuls of pudding and then the strawberries.  I added the second biscuit half and repeated the layers.
A little whipped cream and a whole strawberry, and my dessert was complete ... and completely delicious!

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