December 5, 2011

Angel Ornament Tutorial

Last week my diy Christmas ornament was a cross stitch ball. This week it is a sweet angel. I made these for our Christmas tree many years ago.
Although some sewing is needed, much can be hot glued.

small pieces of green cotton, white cotton, brown and pink felt
1/4" ribbon (your choice of color) for bow
lace, wide rick rack, or ruffled ribbon
handful of stuffing
embroidery floss ( I used brown.)

How to make her:
Cut out the angel's face, wings, cheeks, and bangs using the pattern.

With right sides together, sew with a 1/4" seam leaving about an inch opening for turning the wings.
Clip the points and the curved edges.  Turn right side out.

Gently push the points of the wings ~ I use chop sticks.
Little by little push the stuffing into the wing.  Again I used my chop sticks.

At this point, you can either top stitch around the edges closing the opening as you sew or whip stitch the opening shut.

Angel's face:
Glue the bangs and cheeks onto her face.  I used a water erasable pen to mark the eyes (you can see the blue in the photo ~ it comes off with just a damp cloth).  Embroider the eyes using a lazy daisy stitch.

Use fabric glue or a hot gun to glue the front of the face to the brown felt (back of the head). At the top of her head, attach a loop of ribbon. 

Carefully glue the lace around the face, and add a small bow at her chin.

With tiny stitches, tack her sweet face to the center of her wings. Pin It


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

How cute! She's one you could leave out all year long :)

Stela said...

Great tutorial! Your ornament is adorable!

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