December 15, 2011

A Bright Little Stool Makeover

Happily, I have been on a roll completing a few lingering projects around the house lately.  Hadley, my 7 month old, must be going through a growth spurt since she has been napping for two hour stretches a couple times a day.  And Layla, my little helper, is always game for lending a hand on any project.

So if you remember from this post, my parents brought home a lot of goodies from my Grandmother's house when they visited this passed summer.  One of those items was a super old stool that was in desperate need of some color.

I wasn't sure where it was going to end up when I first saw it but decided after one too many baths ending with a stiff back that a stool in the girl's bathroom would be perfect!

I'm keeping the colors bright in this room since there is no natural light.

I spray painted the entire stool white before applying two quick coats of Martha Stewart's Persimmon Red to the top only.

You can get these MS paint samples for just $1 at Home Depot!

So there you have it my mini makeover for the week! 
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