December 20, 2011

A Simple Christmas Stocking in 60 Minutes (or less)!

Once we got our Christmas tree up and decorated and our house was all festive and bright I sat back admiring everything and realized that our mantle (gasp!) was bare.

You learned here that everyone in our family has their own handmade Christmas stocking made with tons of love and time by my Mom and other relatives.  So, sticking with tradition, I decided to try my hand (literally) at sewing a stocking for the girls and myself - Scott has a knitted stocking from his Grandmother.

Now, I don't have a sewing machine but I do I have lots of fun fabric and a needle and thread and lucky for me that's all I needed to make three cute stockings that sweetened up our mantle and will (hopefully) last through Christmas!

I took two pieces of scrap fabric, traced a "boot" shape, cut it out and hand stitched (nothing fancy) the edges with contrasting thread.

My stocking as a fabric letter and Hadley's has a painted wooden
letter that hangs right on top of it.

I actually cheated a bit with Layla's stocking: ) I took an old pillow cover and kept two of the edges that were already sewn. So her stocking is a little on the boxy side but the cute fabric makes up for that!

That's more like it!

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