January 24, 2012

Adding A Little Color to an Empty Corner

It all started with this little bare corner of our kitchen. 

For awhile now I have been trying to decide what to put up on the wall to brighten it up a bit and add some color.  I didn't want anything to big or dramatic, just something simple and pretty with a pinch of quirkiness.

And then last week I spotted these on Etsy and I had an idea!

This just shows nine of the larger caps.  I actually received 40.

Why not frame these pretty vintage dairy and juice caps and turn them into a cute (quirky) work of art?

I started out by finding a frame that would be a good fit and a piece of white cardboard to use as the background for the caps. 

Once I was happy with the layout I added a dab of hot glue and stuck the caps onto the background.

I knew the dark brown frame was not going to look right so I decided to use my little sample jar of Martha Stewart's Persimmon Red , which you might remember from this project, to add some brightness.

The perfect shade after two quick coats of paint!

This color goes perfectly with the Missoni tumblers and other items I have in our glass front cabinets - which are on the other side of the window - directly across from the cap art.

Crazy how similar the orange/reddish pink colors are!

Once the paint dried and and the board was in place my plain little corner turned into this.

Hooray for a quick and inexpensive update!

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Dita Maulani said...

It surely adds some colours! Like the frame too! Congratulation for the successful DIY project!

via Etsy Blog Team

jennifer said...

What a fun idea! Your kitchen is beautiful, especially with that colorful project :)

Megan Miller said...

Very cute!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I like that! The paint almost looks kind of orange-y, which is very cool with your dishware. Your beadboard is cute, too!

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