March 1, 2012

Chef Tea Towel

My husband and I are traveling to see my son and his family this weekend ~ am I excited!  Knowing how much Billy and Emily like to cook, I decided to make a "Chef Tea Towel" for their kitchen.

I had made a Pork Section towel using the idea that I saw here

I adapted the ideas using the design I wanted.
First, I collected my supplies:
 2 computer print outs of the chef design
 a large embroidery hoop ~ mine had a 12" diameter
 fabric markers
 flour sack dish towel

I inverted the hoop so that the design was flat against my table.

Using the black fabric marker, I drew the outline of the design.  Since it was a little difficult to see all of the fine lines, I kept referring to the second design I had printed.

Once I was satisfied, I added my colors.

The ink needed a few hours to dry, and my towel was complete.

Love it ~ may have to make one for myself (:

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