March 13, 2012

A Few New Things in Layla's Room

After last week's nursery post I realized I hadn't shared some of the things I had done in Layla's room since I posted about it here.  So thought I would show you the recent updates.

1. I added a washi tape/baker's twine garland around the top of Layla's bed.

A few days after finishing her room the top of her bed just looked like it needed something.  So I tied sections of pink and white baker's twine around each side and then took small strips of washi tape and folded them over the twine. Simple!

2. I made additions to the art wall.

I propped up the sequin princess wand from her Halloween costume and a small plastic moose that I coated in glue and glitter onto two frames.  I framed the Valentine's Day card I gave Scott this year, the colors are perfect in her room.  There are also a few paper dolls  and butterflies on the wall and hanging from the ceiling.  The lily pad mirror was a yard sale find but looked odd being up so high so I cut out a squirrel from a wallpaper sample and added him to the frame. Now it looks more like art!

3. New art on the dresser and a bunny on the shade.

I have a bunch of these March Stewart animal chipboard pieces and the pink and white polka bunny just needed a place to shine:) I attached him to the shade with a mini clothespin.  The super colorful artwork in the background is from here and is backed with a piece of cardboard and "framed" with more washi tape.

Well that's it...for now at least!

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1 comment:

Hilary Anna said...

gorgeous! i love that color of pink on the walls.

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