April 3, 2012

Homey Entry

For awhile now I have been searching for something to go on the right side wall of our entry - the left side has a vintage map of Maryland hanging from an old wooden hanger.  The imbalance on top of the empty wall has been driving my crazy!

Since painting the door yellow a few weeks after we moved in, this entry has slowly brightened up with the addition of this cute star rug and now with a little homemade art.

I really liked this canvas from Urban Outfitters but I think it was the words more than the piece itself that caught my attention.  The size of this was too small to really make an impact on the large wall so I decide to see what I could come up with.

To make this "art" I used an old piece of white frame backing.  Since it used to have a poster glued onto it there were some small tears and worn places on the surface, but I thought that added a little character to it!  I picked out some scrapbook paper from my ever-growing stash and drew block letters free hand (nothing fancy) and cut them out.  I spaced the letters out on the board and once I was happy with the placement I glued them down.

The "frame"  is made of several rows of thin washi tape that I layered and then sealed with Mod Podge.  I cut the little hearts out of an old book and watercolored them in washed out red.

I love looking at this happy message every time I go up and down the stairs.  Which, with two little ones, is a whole lot! Pin It

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