April 4, 2012

Wishlist Wednesday - Five Wishes for Layla

My world became a much sunnier, funnier and happier place three years ago today, because that was the day my lovely Layla was born.

I look at her everyday and want her to have everything and more. But if I had to make a few wishes for her today they would be these:

1. That you will always be curious and brave - kinda of like how you are with bugs:)

2. That you will be confident and believe in yourself.  Somehow I don't think that will be a problem for you my strong-willed girl!

3. I hope you will always use your imagination and creativity...I love watching you make lunch and tea for your "friends".

4. I know that you will always be there for Hadley and make her proud to have such a kind, smart and special big sister to look up to.

5. My biggest wish is that you will never be too big to be my little girl. 


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