May 11, 2012

Found Friday - Society6

Happy Friday All!

I am in the process of finally making some BIG changes to our master bedroom (more on that next week) and one of the things I have been searching for is beautiful, affordable art.  Mostly large scale photos - something that I can hang on the wall behind the bed.  Etsy, as always, is my go to for unique pieces of art and I have found a few there that I like but I also discovered that several Etsy artists sell there work through Society6 which has more sizes and formats available because they print them directly.

Here are some pieces that I especially like:

Sea of Happiness.

Abyss of the Disheartened.

Denim Sparkle.

Not sure Scott would love any of the above:) So no decisions yet...think I'll wait until the drapes are up, the trim is painted and the headboard re-covered.  I have changed my mind so much with the design of this room (as you will soon see from the 5+ Olioboards I created) that I'm just not quite ready to pull the trigger and commit to something this big yet. Pin It

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